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Buying Leasing or Renting Design Software


The renting of software is a newer way of acquiring software. It is a profitable way for CAD companies to increase their sales and It can also offer the right solution for the user in place of investing capital sum outright. Renting is an affordable way of using something you cannot afford to buy but it's also the most expensive way. Rental costs in just one year can equal the price of purchasing the software outright There will be a minimum term you have to enter into a contract for typically three to five years and you will never own the software. The rental package will usually include updates and new versions and payments can be offset against tax. There are some clauses that need to be understood though, what happens if the software is stolen or what if you go out of business or sell your business on. The answers might not be favourable so worth checking out. Also the rental costs for additional licenses if you need several can be very expensive


If you can afford to pay for the software upfront you can often negotiate a better price. This is the traditional way of acquiring a software package and will be the cheapest and most cost effective for most companies especially if training is included and a support contract for at least the first few months is also included.

Product trends constantly change and new technology brings with it new features for the designer. As long as the feature and benefits are valuable to you a support/maintenance packages are good value especially if you can spread the cost over the year.


Leasing is a preferable way for businesses to acquire software without the initial outlay, is cheaper than renting and tax efficient. Rates will vary from one leasing company to the next so it's worth looking into, but compared to a bank loan or business loan can be much more favourable. Some schemes let you pay a small amount to keep the software after the lease period which will typically run from 12 months to 60 months with the favoured period being 36 months.

For a CAD company to be able to offer a lease option they must be approved and authorised by the FCA financial conduct authority. The process is rigorous and if approved is the mark of a organisation in good standing.

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